Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before signing Booking Form

1. The Contract

These conditions form the contract between 'OTMT' LLC ("The Company") and the client named on the booking form. To secure a booking the Company requires a completed and signed booking form and the necessary deposit of USD $500 (we accept other major currencies).  NOTE: Tour BOOKING DEPOSIT is non refundable and NON TRANSFERABLE.  Registration on one of our trips implies that the client agrees with our general conditions. Bookings are accepted on the understanding that the client appreciates the possible risks inherent in adventure travel.

2. Cancellation by The Client

i)  In case of cancellation 30 - 60 days before departure, 50% of the tour price will be retained by the company.

ii)  In case of cancellation less than 30 days before departure the full amount of the tour price will be retained by the Company.

iii)  Cancellation  MUST  be advised in writing and will only be effective from the date of receipt by the Company.

3. Cancellation by The Company

Our dated group tours are subject to a minimum of four clients. Each tour will be reviewed one month before departure and if it is necessary for us to cancel on account of low numbers a full refund will be given. The Company will not be liable for compensation beyond a full refund of money paid.

4. Responsibilities of The Client

i)  Clients are responsible for ensuring the validity of their passport beyond the full duration of their travel.

ii)  Clients are responsible for obtaining the necessary visas and vaccinations.

iii)  Clients are responsible for paying all banks charges, of their own bank and the intermediary bank when payment is transferred. The Company reserve the right to claim from the client any shortfall.

iv)  Clients must yield to the conditions and formalities of police, customs and health in the country at the time of travel. If the client does not respect the laws of the country, cannot show the correct documents, or is delayed because of his own fault, he is responsible for the incurred costs.

v)   Each client must accept the authority of the tour leader.

vi)  The tour leader will not be held responsible for incidents or accidents which may occur as a result of unwise personal initiative.

vii)  If the health or conduct of any client before or during the tour appears likely, in the opinion of the tour leader, to endanger the group, the client may be excluded from the tour. Expenses resulting will be borne by the client and a refund of money paid will not be given.

5. Travel Insurance

i)  It is obligatory to have full travel insurance covering cancellation,illness and repatriation including emergency helicopter rescue.

ii)  The Company is not responsible for costs incurred in the event that the client requires emergency evacuation within Mongolia or to destinations outside Mongolia.

iii)  Clients must ensure that there are no exclusion clauses limiting protection for the type of activities included in their tour ( riding, mountain biking).

iv)  For motorcycle tours the insurance must cover motorbike use, which is classed as an extreme sport by some companies. Clients must ensure that there is no exclusion clause limiting protection for riding a motorcycle of engine size 450cc.

v)   The Company will not accept any responsibility for luggage and personal property of the client.

vi)  The tour leader will not be held responsible for incidents or accidents which may occur as a result of unwise personal initiative.

vii)  A copy of each client's insurance is required by the Company prior to departure. This must include 24 hour emergency telephone number with direct connection to a human operator able to authorize emergency helicopter rescue.

6. Exchange Rates

If surcharges become necessary due to dramatic adverse currency rate fluctuations, we will absorb an amount up to the first  2%. We will not impose any surcharges on the price of tour arrangements less than 30 days before departure.

7. Age Limits and Fitness

a)  All clients must satisfy themselves before booking that they are fit and able to complete the itinerary. If in any doubt, professional medical advice must be obtained.

b)  Children are accepted on the tours on the condition that the parent or guardian accepts full responsibility for them.

c)  For motorbike tours, children under 18 years are only accepted on the tours if riding in the support vehicle and on the condition that the parent or guardian accepts full responsibility for them.

8. Illness and Disability

Anyone suffering from any illness or disability, or undergoing treatment for any physical or medical condition, must declare the nature of the condition at the time of booking. Such a client must make his own arrangements for drugs and treatment required during the tour. If the Company is not so informed this constitutes a breach of contract and may result in the client being excluded from the tour. In this case money paid will not be refunded to the client.

9. Alterations to The Itinerary

a)  If necessary or advisable to do so, the Company reserves the right at any time to alter arrangements for any aspect of the tour. Clients will be informed of any changes prior to departure, and if the change involves a significant change in the itinerary then the client may cancel the booking within seven days of notification and receive a full refund of money paid.

b)  If any unexpected events or circumstances which imply the security of the clients should occur (e.g. broken bridges, defected roads, epidemic, etc.) we retain the right to alter the dates, timetable or route as we see fit. The client cannot claim any compensation in these circumstances.

c)  The Company will not be held responsible for providing refunds if a situation arises during the tour which necessitates a change in the itinerary (including threat of war, riots, civil action, strikes, political or legal restrictions, force majeure, technical problems, decisions of air carriers, or other situations beyond our control) unless it can be proved that the situation has arisen out of negligence on the Company's behalf.

d)  After arriving in Mongolia, no changes will be made to your itinerary except if necessary due to reasons of health or a serious emergency.

e)   If for any reason beyond the control of the Company your return to Ulaanbaatar is delayed causing missed international departure, costs incurred must be borne by the client. The company will endeavour to give all practical assistance in obtaining necessary documents of proof if required by the insurance company for repayment of costs incurred.

10. Use of Camping Equipment

i)  The client is responsible for returning the equipment, which is the property of 'OTMT', in the same condition as it was found at the start of the tour.

ii)  If the client notices any defect in the equipment at the start of the tour he is bound to report it to the tour leader, otherwise he will be held responsible and must pay appropriate compensation.

iii)  Clients must utilize all equipment in a safe and responsible manner. Smoking or use of candles or petrol lamps inside the tents is not allowed. Cooking equipment and accessories must not be left outside the tents at night.

iv)  In the event of the equipment being stolen or lost the client must compensate the Company the replacement value of the equipment.

11. Motorcycle Hire Conditions

i)  The motorbike equipment, including all accessories supplied, is let out on hire. The motorbikes, accessories and spare parts are all genuine KTM and have been imported from UK.

ii)  The equipment remains the property of OTMT LLC (“The Owner`) and the client  (“The Renter”)  will not sell, hire out or otherwise part with it. The Renter will not allow the motorbike he has been allocated to be handled by any other person.

iii)  The Renter must travel with a valid driving license endorsed for motorcycles. A copy must be provided at the time of booking.

iv)  A security deposit of USD $500 (we accept other major currencies) to cover potential motorbike damage will be paid by the Renter to the Tour Leader on arrival in Mongolia. (Note: MOTORBIKE DAMAGE SECURITY DEPOSIT IS FULLY REFUNDABLE)  It will be refunded in full at the end of the tour providing the bike is returned without damage. Deductions from this deposit are not made for minor scratches or normal wear and tear which includes wear to tyres, chain and sprocket, brakes, clutch, bearings etc. Any accidental damage to the motorcycle will be assessed and an estimate of repair cost provided. Spare parts will be genuine KTM, charged at retail rate excluding VAT plus cost of shipping by DHL if required immediately.

v)   The Renter will not make any modifications to the bike, except to adapt foot brake lever or raise handlebars. Factory original settings must not be tampered with.

vi)  The Renter undertakes not to misuse the equipment and to return it with all accessories in the same condition as when received.

vii)  If the Renter rides away from the main track without the express permission of the Tour Leader, he is responsible for any damage to the motorbike, including tyre puncture,  occurring at that time.

viii)  The Owner shall be entitled to charge the Renter for any damage caused to the equipment during the period of hire.

ix)  If any repairs or adjustments are required to the motorbike, the Renter must inform the Tour Leader in the evening on arrival at camp.

x)  In the case of a mechanical breakdown outside the control of either party, the Owner will make every effort so that the Renter can continue the tour.

xi)   The Renter shall compensate the Owner in respect of all costs, claims, expenses and demands which he may suffer or incur, and which arise directly or indirectly out of use of the equipment during the period of hire. The Owner reserves the right to charge the Renter for partial or full settlement of any such claim.

xii)  The Renter will ensure that the equipment is adequately secured when in use. At the end of the riding day the Owner takes responsibility for the security of the motorbikes. In the event of the equipment being stolen due to the Renter's own carelessness the Owner reserves the right to call upon the Renter to compensate the replacement value of the equipment, including shipping from UK to Mongolia.

xiii)  The Renter will not use the equipment whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.

12. Additional Information

a)  Off-road motorcycle trips with "Motorcycle Mongolia" are intended to be a positive experience for all involved.  The tour is not a RACE or COMPETITION and dangerous riding will not be tolerated.  All participants are expected to respect the culture, nature and people of Mongolia.

b)  It is our duty to travel through Mongolia without damaging its pristine environment, nor disrupting the lives of the local population and their animals. Sometimes we will be riding through National Parks and Natural Reserves where flora is protected by law. Sharp braking or spinning wheels will be frowned upon by the locals and damage the reputation of the Company. Arrival at camp signals the end of the riding day.  DO NOT  request use of bikes to explore the surrounding area.

c)  Most of the roads we travel on are not black-topped, but clear trails are obvious. Straying away from the tracks risks damage to the environment and the motorcycle. Places which are or have been inhabited by nomadic families are likely to be surrounded by bits such as metal or bones which can easily damage the tyres. Additionally, if you divert from the trail to an area that cannot be accessed by the support vehicle, it will be difficult to rescue you in case of accident.

d)  All riders must follow the instructions of the  TOUR LEADER. Often Mongolian roads are a like a maze, splitting and re-joining so it is not possible to describe in advance every trail and split in the road.  Everyone must stop and re-group with the support vehicles at river crossings. If the water is deemed to be too deep the bikes will be loaded onto trailers and taken across, or we will find an alternative route.  No one must attempt to make a river crossing by themselves when they are alone.

e)   Due to weather conditions and other factors, tracks can change from one year to the next. Bridges can break, rivers flood and roads become impassable.  DO NOT  disturb the Tour Leader and drivers by continual quizzing on the trail. We will do our best to follow the written itinerary.

f)  Petrol for the motorbikes will be supplied by the Company and is included in the price of the tour. It is your responsibility to inform the Tour Leader if your tank needs refilling. If every motorbike needs refilling on the trail at the same time it will cause delay.

g)  Mongolia has a zero tolerance law in relation to alcohol.  DO NOT DRINK  excessively the night before the start of the tour.  Police in Ulaanbaatar are particularly vigilant and may seize the motorbike if the driver gives a positive alcohol reading.

h)  The bike allocated to you is your responsibility until it is returned at the end of the tour. You  MUST NOT  allow local people to sit on it or ride it.

i)   Mongolia is a great country for off-road riding and our tours offer a wonderful opportunity to see the way of life of the nomadic people of Central Asia. To ensure the smooth running of our motorcycle tours everyone is obliged to follow these instructions and to abide by our Terms & Conditions.

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