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* Enter your Height (cm): We need to know the rider’s height, in case necessary to raise handlebars.

** Enter your Weight (kg): It is important if riders are more than 95 kg, we need to adjust or change fork and rear shock springs.

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Non-Riders are Welcome on every trip!

Non-Riders are welcome on every trip and can ride in one of the support vehicles. Mongolia motorcycle adventures give you an opportunity to make great friends amongst the group as well as meeting local Mongolians and nomadic families living an ancient lifestyle that has changed little in centuries.

Our Partners

These are the companies that we work with to provide the most exceptional equipment, parts and services.
They are all experts in their own field and their advice and skill are invaluable to us.

K-Tech Suspension
Rock Oil High Performance Lubracation Oil
A-Jet Avaition Mongolia
S.O.S International Medica in Mongolia
Maxxis Tyres International UK Ltd
Wild Talk Wireless Communications Mongolia
Truck Rax Vehicle Racking System
Ohlins Advenced Suspension Technology

Motorcycle Mongolia

You are welcome to contact us at any time to discuss travel to Mongolia. We are happy to answer questions and give advice about motorcycle riding in Mongolia.

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