Accommodation in Mongolia

Nowadays Ulaanbaatar has a good choice of accommodation, ranging from cheap guest houses to expensive hotels of international standard. We have chosen the "CONTINENTAL" ✯✯✯ hotel which is close to the city centre.

Elsewhere in the country there aren't many hotels, but in the most important places visited by tourists, there are "Ger" camps. The round white felt "Gers" ("Yurts" in Russian) which are the traditional homes of Central Asian nomads, provide comfortable and authentic accommodation in the most beautiful locations. In very remote areas there are no facilities of any kind so we take our own tents and kitchen, camping out in the wild. Truly an exciting experience for the adventurous traveler.


We have chosen the "Continental" HOTEL for your accommodation in Ulaanbaatar. It is situated only 10 minutes walk from Genghis Khan Square in the city centre. Being on the southern side of the city centre, we can usually avoid driving in the worst traffic congestion when heading for the airport or getting in and out of the city.


Ger camps are the most wonderful authentic kind of accommodation in Mongolia. They are situated in important or particularly beautiful locations, and each one is unique. Often the furniture and roof poles are painted traditionally and there is a wood burning stove.


Mongolia is the perfect place for wild camping and it is as close to nature as it is possible to get. Often during the summer months, the wild flowers are spectacular. Our expedition tents are strong enough to withstand all kinds of Mongolian weather conditions.


"To suit our guests’ needs, our hotel has been providing services that are second to none. It starts with location and space.  Like no other large hotel, the Continental promises spacious rooms and the advantage of central location amongst the main public, business and entertainment activities, but offers privacy and tranquility for a good rest after a long day."

Hotel Continental

Best Location

The Continental Hotel is located in central Ulaanbaatar within walking distance of the main shops, museums, theatres and other important sights.The staff are friendly and will help you to make the most of your days in the city before or after the tour. 

Continental Hotel Location in Ulaanbaatar

Hotel Facilities

Our guests have enjoyed the smart three star "Continental" Hotel for many years; it has a business centre, a gym and a good restaurant where a nice buffet style breakfast is served every morning. The hotel has a free luggage store service.

Hotel Facility, Conference Room

Hotel Rooms

Included in the price of your tour is the hotel accommodation for your arrival night and the last night when you arrive back in Ulaanbaatar. You will share a twin "Standard" room with your friend/partner or another person in our tour group. 

Continental Hotel Rooms

Choosing Different Hotel ?

If you prefer to stay in a different hotel you are welcome to arrange it yourself, but the tour will start and finish at the "Continental" hotel.

Being right in the city centre you are close to shops, restaurants, museums and other facilities.

The rooms are spacious and attractively furnished. Single rooms available on request.

The smart restaurant has a good menu and provides a buffet style breakfast each morning.

You will be able to use computers as well as send faxes, make international phone calls or print documents.

The conference room is often where our pre-tour meeting is held on the evening before the tour.

The bar serves Mongolian beer as well as other local and international drinks.


A "GER" is the traditional home of the nomadic people of Mongolia. In the most important and beautiful locations ger camps are set up during the summer to provide accommodation for tourists.

The Ger Camps

On the Gobi Desert Motorbike Tour, the Middle Gobi Tour and the White Lake Tour, accommodation is at traditional Ger camps.

What are Gers?

Nowadays most people know what a Central Asian ger or yurt looks like as they have been exported all over the world. A "GER" is a portable dwelling traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.

The structure comprises a steam-bent compression wheel,  supported by roof ribs which are bent down at the end where they meet the lattice wall. The frame is covered by layers of fabric and sheep's wool felt for insulation and weatherproofing.

Facilities At Ger Camps

Some camps have electricity, which might be just an electric light powered by a generator, or in some cases there may be an electric plug where you would be able to recharge cameras, phones and other electrical equipment. 

There is a restaurant where a fixed menu is served, often European style food. There are showers, washing and toilet facilities. In most camps the water is heated by solar power or by lighting a fire, so it's not hot 24 hours a day and not very powerful.

About The Ger Camp

The ger camps are all privately owned and staffed mainly by local people. Standards and services vary a lot, which is part of the beauty of this kind of accommodation as no two ger camps are the same. The number of gers ranges from just a few to perhaps a hundred in the largest ger camps. 

Inside the ger will usually be a wood-burning stove, a small table and stools and two or more beds. The layout is the same as in a nomad's home.  


Several of the motorbike tours are so remote that camping is the only option.
This is a wonderful escape from the busy, noisy world in which many of us live.

Camping Tour

If you are a person who enjoys camping, you will love the experience of camping in Mongolia.  On most nights the big sky is a spectacular display of stars and shooting stars in Mongolia.

Camping in Tents

The tents we provide are high performance Vango "Storm 300" or Force 10 "Baltoro", able to withstand Mongolia's unpredictable weather conditions such as strong winds, rain, hot sun and snow. Sometimes we put up a communal mess tent, but it depends on the group size, location, time and weather.

Camping Food

On camping tours we take our own cook. There will be a table and chairs set up at meal times and the cook serves three good meals a day, plus snacks and drinks. The food will usually be European or Asian style. The menu is fixed and it's not possible to ask for special meals since time and facilities are limited.

Washing Facilities

If possible we make camp near to a river or lake so that there is water for washing, but we can't always manage that so you have to be prepared for no washing facilities. The staff will dig a pit latrine with a wind shelter / screen nearby. That's all the washing and toilet facilities, in other words eco-friendly and non-luxurious.

Our Partners

These are the companies that we work with to provide the most exceptional equipment, parts and services.
They are all experts in their own field and their advice and skill are invaluable to us.

K-Tech Suspension
Rock Oil High Performance Lubracation Oil
A-Jet Avaition Mongolia
S.O.S International Medica in Mongolia
Maxxis Tyres International UK Ltd
Wild Talk Wireless Communications Mongolia
Truck Rax Vehicle Racking System
Ohlins Advenced Suspension Technology

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