Great Khan Motorcycle Trail

28 JUNE - 2 JULY 2019 only USD $1395

This is an amazing 3-day ride to Khentii province east of Ulaanbaatar, includes forested mountain passes, remote steppe and dramatic landscape. The journey begins riding along the Tuul river to Terelj National Park, then a little further to the gigantic silver statue of Genghis Khan on a horse. Beyond this we ride eastward into Khentii province and through a valley where it is believed that Genghis Khan established his original capital. It is also celebrated as the place where the book “Secret History of the Mongols” was written. Wooden bridges in various states of repair cross the Kherlen river and its tributaries and the route crosses some wild high steppe and passes by a few small lakes and villages before returning to Ulaanbaatar.

Terelj National Park
Terelj National Park Highlights

Terelj is a picturesque place of high cliffs eroded in granite of Mesozoic Age, creating a wonderful landscape of granite "tors". It is a national park covering an area of 2,864 square kilometers and has enjoyed State protection since 1993.

Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan Highlights

This is the largest horse statue in the world standing 40 meters high. The statue was built in 2008 on the banks of the Tuul river and faces eastwards towards Genghis Khan's birthplace. In the base is a museum, a restaurant, shops and a conference hall.

Secret History
Secret History Highlights

This statue was built to commemorate the writing of the book "Secret History of the Mongols". On the sides of the column are the stamps of about 300 different clans who inhabited the area around the time of Genghis Khan.

Mineral Springs
Mineral Springs Highlights

At Avarga Toson there is a health resort for local people. The mud baths and mineral-rich lake have been used for centuries as a spa and the spring water is claimed to heal many different ailments, particularly nervous and venereal diseases.

Riding Terrain and Facilities on this Trip

The total riding distance is 600 km of which approximately 90% is off-road on rough jeep tracks. Most of the route is an area of Mongolia rarely visited by tourists and there is no formal accommodation so we will camp in tents and take all equipment. Each night will be wild camping (tents provided) and support vehicles will carry the equipment and luggage. Support staff travel with us, including a cook to prepare the meals.

Great Khan Motorcycle Tour Map

Mongolia is a great place for a motorcycle tour, but it is only suitable for confident riders with off-road experience. The routes are too remote and the terrain too rough for beginners. Sometimes we will stay in traditional ger camps, but in parts of the country there are no facilities for tourists so we camp in the wilderness.




  • DAY 1

    Arrive in 'Ulaanbaatar' and go to hotel. Evening meet the tour leader and rest of group for Technical Briefing. The meeting talks about day by day itinerary and safety issues. Overnight in hotel.

  • DAY 2

    Meet the tour crew and allocate motorbikes. Start riding along a potholed tarmac road to reach the village of Gachuurt. Following the Tuul river for several kilometres, the road quickly becomes very poor, rough and 'Rocky', with mountains either side. Heading uphill through pine and silver birch forest, cross two mountain passes at over 1800 meters altitude, then down into the valley to the village of 'Terelj'. There are many tourist ger camps and hotels in this beautiful valley, which reminds one of how remote other parts of the trail are. Stop to visit the amazing silver statue of 'Genghis Khan' on a horse and visit the museum located in the base of the statue. Continue eastwards riding through typical lush green meadows and hills inhabited only by nomadic families with their herds of animals. Overnight camping.

  • DAY 3

    After the coal mining town of 'Baga Nuur' we ride parallel to the Kherlen river for a while and along a long flat valley before reaching the village of Tsenkhermandal. After a few kilometres on the new black-topped “Millennium Road” we turn southwards, back onto the hard-pack track. We come upon the rather surprising health spa 'Avarga Toson' where many local people go to bathe and health various ailments. Not far from this “holiday village” is a marvelous statue marking the place where the first book describing the history of Mongolia was written: 'The Secret History' of the Mongols. Continue in a south-westerly direction until reaching the wide Kherlen River. The 'Wooden' bridges are quite exciting and make for some good photographs. Overnight camping.

  • DAY 4

    The wide empty valley is crossed by many tracks and after a while we head up to a low pass at an altitude of 1273 meters and cross a wild remote stretch of steppe where you may see 'Gazelle' wild foxes, eagles, or other wildlife. Pass through the pretty village of Bayanjargal and continue on for a further 40km or so, bypassing another health spa Buureljuut Rashaan and on to the village of Gurvan Bag where the line of the Trans Siberian Railway crosses our track. The trail passes by more dramatic and beautiful granite rocky mountains and over 'Buuraliin' davaa pass at an altitude of 1603 meters with fantastic views at the top. Ride down to the mining town of Nalaikh and back to Ulaanbaatar along the tarmac road. Overnight hotel.

  • DAY 5


  • USD   1395/pp

    (Tour price is based on a group of 4 people. Motorbike hire cost USD $130 per day including fuel.)

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Great Khan Motorcycle Trail

Mongolia is a great place for a motorcycle tour, but it is only suitable for confident riders with off-road experience. The routes are too remote and the terrain too rough for beginners. Sometimes we will stay in traditional ger camps, but in parts of the country there are no facilities for tourists so we camp in the wilderness.

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