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"Motorcycle Mongolia" is the leading off-road motorcycle tour company in Mongolia. We have been organising guided moto-trips for more than 20 YEARS to all corners of Mongolia, fully supported by experienced staff. Motorbike tours in Mongolia are specialised and require more than just the motorbikes. We have exceptionally good logistics, local knowledge and a strong team that includes mechanics, a doctor, helicopter rescue support, as well as telecommunications and appropriate support vehicles. This is what's needed for a good motorcycle tour and will give you peace of mind.

Mongolia is a country perfectly suited to motorcycle riding, having endless tracks crossing beautiful and dramatic landscapes with little traffic and vast blue skies. It is ideal for off-road riding and will give you an experience that you will always remember. Furthermore, only "Motorcycle Mongolia" are able to provide a whole fleet of the latest new 2021 class leading KTM 450 EXC "6-DAYS" enduro off-road motorbikes for your adventure in Mongolia. No other tour company in any other country are yet offering such a top range class leading motorcycle.

Motorcycle Mongolia

"Gobi Desert" Motorcycle Trail

An 8-day off-road adventure crossing mountain, desert and steppe, to the infamous Gobi Desert which straddles the border between Mongolia & China. Enjoy big sand dunes at Khongor Els.

Motorbike Mongolia

"Master Rally" Motorcycle Trail

Experience the wildest and most remote tour, following the route of the Mongolia Master Rally down to the edge of the Gobi Desert, completely off the standard tourist routes.

Mongolia Motorcycle Trip

"Genghis Khan" Motorcycle Trail

Ride to the far north east of Mongolia near to the Siberian border, to the place where Genghis Khan was born in 1162. Enjoy the traditional hospitality of Mongolia's nomads.

Mongolia Motorcycle Trip

"White Lake" Motorbike Trail

Enjoy the dramatic and beautiful scenery of Central Mongolia, riding in remote valleys, crossing rivers and mountain ranges. Ride through Kharkhorin, capital of Genghis Khan's Mongol Empire.

Non-Riders are Welcome on every trip !

Non-Riders are welcome on every trip and can ride in one of the support vehicles. Mongolia motorcycle adventures give you an opportunity to make great friends amongst the group as well as meeting local Mongolians and nomadic families living an ancient lifestyle that has changed little in centuries.

KTM 450 EXC 6-DAYS 2021

"Motorcycle Mongolia" will be using the 2020 Six Days KTM 450 EXC which is suitably equipped to handle all terrain in Mongolia.

This 2020 International Six Days Enduro (“ISDE”) will take place in Portugal so KTM have fittingly released a limited edition Six Days motorbike with special performance upgrades and top-of-the-line components as well as graphics incorporating the Portuguese flag.
THIS IS KTM 450 EXC 6-DAYS, NOT a cloned Husqvarna !

Short Motorbike Tours in Mongolia

Originally our 'Motorcycle Mongolia' tours included a week or more riding, usually a circular route, staying in traditional Mongolian “Gers” or camping in tents. However, many people may not have that much time to spare for a motorbike vacation in Mongolia, so now we include shorter motorcycle routes as well, great for a long weekend getaway.

Accommodation in Mongolia

We have chosen the "Continental" Hotel for your accommodation in Ulaanbaatar. It is a ✯✯✯ HOTEL situated only 10 minutes walk from Genghis Khan Square in the city centre. Being located on the southern side of Ulaanbaatar, we can usually avoid driving in the worst traffic congestion when heading for the airport or getting in and out of the city.
While travelling in the country side you may sometimes stay in traditional Mongolian style gers. The ger camps are all privately owned and staffed mainly by local people. Standards and services vary a lot, which is part of the beauty of this kind of accommodation as no two ger camps are the same. The number of gers ranges from just a few to perhaps a hundred in the largest camps. Each ger has two to four beds and usually guests will share with the same friend(s) as in the hotel.
If you are the kind of person who enjoys camping, you will love the experience of camping in Mongolia. On most nights the big sky is a spectacular display of stars and shooting stars. This is a wonderful escape from the busy, noisy world in which many of us live.

Short Motorcycle Tours

Middle Gobi Motorcycle Trail

"Middle Gobi" Motorcycle Trail

On this 4-day circular route we travel more than '1000 km' and will visit the unusual granite mountain at Baga Gazriin Chuluu...

Eastern Mongolia Motorcycle Trail

"Eastern Mongolia" Motorcycle Trail

This is an amazing 3-day ride to Khentii province east of Ulaanbaatar. It includes forested mountain passes and dramatic landscape...

Scheduled Motorcycle Trail & Tours 2021

We are organising several fixed date group trips in Mongolia which you are welcome to join as an individual or if there are several of you.

Tour Dates

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Motorcycle Tours in Mongolia

Mongolia is a great place for a motorcycle tour, but it is only suitable for confident riders with off-road experience. The routes are too remote and the terrain too rough for beginners. Sometimes we will stay in traditional ger camps, but in parts of the country there are no facilities for tourists so we camp in the wilderness.


When choosing which trip you want to do you will need to consider the tour dates, the cost the length of the tour and type of accommodation.
NOTE: The prices quoted DO NOT include motorbike hire and fuel costs. Daily motorbike hire including unlimited fuel is USD $130 per day.



  • Total Days: 5 days
  • Riding Days: 3 days
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Support Vehicle: YES
  • Total Distance: 600 km



  • Total Days: 6 days
  • Riding Days: 4 days
  • Accommodation: Ger Camp
  • Support Vehicle: YES
  • Total Distance: 1000 km



  • Total Days: 8 days
  • Riding Days: 6 days
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Support Vehicle: YES
  • Total Distance: 1200 km



  • Total Days: 9 days
  • Riding Days: 7 days
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Support Vehicle: YES
  • Total Distance: 1600 km



  • Total Days: 10 days
  • Riding Days: 8 days
  • Accommodation: Ger Camp
  • Support Vehicle: YES
  • Total Distance: 1750 km

Motorbike Tour Gallery

Our KTM Fork & Shock Service Center

Our highly qualified technicians provide servicing for your KTM following accurate factory specifications and using leading manufacturer's service parts.

We service Forks, Shocks and Cranks

WP Fork Service

Front Fork Service

Forks require servicing every 20 hours when the bike has been ridden off-road. Motorcycle Mongolia have the tools and experience for suspension servicing and set-up for "off road" bikes and "road" bikes and bike lowering done correctly. We service all brands of forks including KYB, Showa, Ohlins, K-Tech and WP.

WP Rear Shock Service

WP Rear Shock Service

Regular maintenance of your motorcycle suspension ensures that the suspension components are working at their optimum. Our workshop is fitted out with the very latest tools and equipment necessary to carry out fork and shock servicing to an extremely high standard. Also we measure the bike to set the static and rider sag.

KTM Crank Rebuild Service

KTM Crank Rebuild Service

Our facilities include the latest capability for crankshaft rebuilding services including crank pressing and balancing. Your crankshaft will be assembled using quality parts and then trued to the factory specifications. Our mechanics have all the latest tooling and equipment to keep you on track for the whole season.

'KTM' Workshop

Our own workshop has all the facilities required to keep our KTM 450 EXC’s in top shape. We have the equipment and knowledge necessary to service KTM, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki off-road motorcycles with WP, KYB, Ohlins and Showa forks and shocks. All our suspension servicing and tuning tools are bought directly from suspension specialists in Europe. All spare suspension parts are from K-Tech Suspension and products are "NOK" Japan Corporation. Our workshop also has the tools needed to rebuild KTM cranks.


Partners We Work With

These are the companies that we work with to provide the most exceptional equipment, parts and services. They are all experts in their own field and their advice and skill are invaluable to us.