KTM 450 EXC Motorbike in Mongolia

Real dirt bike riders will already know that such a bike can readily meet the challenge. It is light weight, with electronic start capability, the height and reliability make it ideally suited to Mongolia's rough and remote location.

"Motorcycle Mongolia" has been operating since 1998. We started with mountain biking tours and in 2005 we expanded to enduro off-road motorcycling tours in Mongolia. For the first few years we were using Yamaha WR250 motorbikes. They were great - but now we've gone one better and now we use top range premium KTM 450 EXC "SIX-DAYS" off-road enduro bikes for our scheduled motorbike trips in Mongolia. All our motorcycles are fully protected with the necessary frame guards, sump and engine guard, hand guards and radiator guards.

"Motorcycle Mongolia" will be using the 2020 "SIX-DAYS" KTM 450 EXC which is suitably equipped to handle all terrain in Mongolia. NO OTHER tour company in any other country are yet offering such a top range class leading motorcycle.

2019 KTM 450EXC 6-Days
2019 KTM 450EXC 6-Days
2019 KTM 450EXC 6-Days


"Motorcycle Mongolia" will be using the 2020 Six Days KTM 450 EXC which is suitably equipped to handle all terrain in Mongolia.

This 2020 International Six Days Enduro (“ISDE”) will take place in Portugal so KTM have fittingly released a limited edition Six Days motorbike with special performance upgrades and top-of-the-line components as well as graphics incorporating the Portuguese flag.
THIS IS KTM 450 EXC 6-DAYS, NOT a cloned Husqvarna !

Tour Equipment

Over the years we have got together a lot of equipment to enable the smooth running of the tours. Through our own experience we have chosen models and brands which are the most suitable for their purpose in Mongolian conditions.

Most of our equipment has been purchased and imported from the UK because we prefer good quality stuff which lasts longer and withstands heavy usage. Some equipment is available to rent by prior arrangement, for example helmets, boots and sleeping mats. We only hire equipment to clients who are doing a tour with us and our motorcycles have not been loaned out to riders going off alone without our support.


For our motorcycle tours in Mongolia where travel is in remote parts of the country with no mobile phone reception, we have satellite phones to use in case of emergency. We use the "Iridium" network which has complete international coverage and we work with Monsat Unitel, Iridium's official distributor in Mongolia so that we can be sure of having reliable communications from anywhere in Mongolia.


All our support vehicles are fitted with "Motorola" and "Vertex" long distance two-way radios so that there will be contact between the tour leader and drivers for distances of up to fifty kilometres. The equipment is supplied by Wild Talk radio communication service provider.


We have the tools and equipment required for the servicing and maintenance of our motorbikes. Motorcycle mechanics travel with us on every tour to keep the motorbikes in good order throughout.

  • Motorcycle MX Stand
  • Air Brake Bleader Tool
  • Chain Splitter Braker
  • Motorcycle Clutch Holding Tool
  • Compression Tester
  • Feel Gauge Set
  • Arm Link Removal Tool
  • Heave Duty Chain Braker
  • Tyre Presure Gauge
  • KTM Tool Set
  • Wheel Balance Stand Tool
  • Spoke Torque Wrench
  • Spring Hook Tool
  • Star Socket SetTool
  • Tyre Changing Tool
  • Spring Valve Compressor Tool
  • Wheel Bearing Removal Tool
  • Wheel Truing Stand
  • Quick Lift Stand
  • Fork Seal Drive
  • Master Cylinder Plier
  • Fly Wheel Rotar Puller
  • Hydraulic High Lift Jack
  • Satellite Phone
  • Vertex Mobile Radio
  • Motorola Handheld Radios


We have high performance Expedition Force Ten "Baltoro" and the Vango "Storm 300" Three Man 4 Season Tent which can withstand summer snow storms up in the high mountains of Mongolia, fierce wind and rain. They have an entrance at both ends to allow air through on very hot days, and mosquito netting to protect from insects.


We have some off-road helmets available for hire if you don't want to bring your own. All our helmets comply with British Standard BS 6658:1985 BSI, Kitemark and European Union level.


We have some pairs of off-road motorcycle boots available for rent: Six Six One Flight boots, Fox and Diadora in various sizes. It is essential that every rider wears proper rigid knee length enduro / motocross style boots for this kind of riding. Anyone whose boots are unsuitable will be asked to rent one of our boots. This is in the interest of safety.

Comparing Different tour companies ?

If you are comparing different tour companies and trying to decide which is the best, you must ask the following questions: Who owns and maintains the motorbikes ? Will everyone ride the same model of bike ? Will an experienced mechanic travel with the group ? What kind of spare parts and equipment do they have ? Have they done the route before as a motorcycle tour ? What kind of support vehicles will go with the group ? When you have asked all these questions, you will be in a good position to compare the prices of different companies.

Other Equipment

All our vehicles are owned and maintained by us and driven by our own company drivers. We do not hire vehicles from outside, nor do we use drivers who we do not know. Our vehicles include the Kamaz 6 X 6 Expedition Truck and Russian UAZ Forgon's as well as Land Rover Defender 130s, Land Rover Defender 110s and British army cargo 4x4 Reynolds Boughton RB44 Dodge 50 Cargo Trucks.

Motorbike Support Vehicle

Some Words About The Vehicles

Without good support it is impossible for a motorcycle tour in Mongolia to run smoothly. Mongolia's vast landscape, difficult road conditions and undeveloped infrastructure affect any overland trip, but with a motorbike tour having so many individual drivers and riders, the possibility of problems arising is multiplied. We are well equipped for almost any difficult Mongolian road conditions and rough terrain; we are ready for the challenge ! Our vehicles include:

  • LR Defender 130 Kitchen Truck
  • Land Rover Defender 110s
  • Russian 4 x 4 UAZ Forgon's
  • LR Defender 130 Race Workshop
  • Russian Kamaz 6 x 6 Expedition Bus
  • Reynolds Boughton RB44s

Motorbikes & Equipment Gallery

  • Airport Pick-Up
    Airport Pick-Up

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  • Lunchtime

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  • River Crossing
    River Crossing

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  • Baga Gazriin Chuluu
    Baga Gazriin Chuluu

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  • Filling Up
    Filling Up

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  • Spanish Motorbike Group
    Spanish Motorbike Group

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  • Kamaz at Continental
    Kamaz at Continental

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  • Day Beginning
    Day Beginning

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  • Bulgan Aimag
    Bulgan Aimag

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  • KTM Tour Mongolia Fleet
    KTM Tour Mongolia Fleet

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  • South Gobi
    South Gobi

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  • Central Mongolia
    Central Mongolia

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