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We service Forks, Shocks and Cranks

WP Fork Service

Front Fork Service

Forks require servicing every 20 hours when the bike has been ridden off-road. Motorcycle Mongolia have the tools and experience for suspension servicing and set-up for "off road" bikes and "road" bikes and bike lowering done correctly. We service all brands of forks including KYB, Showa, Ohlins, K-Tech and WP.

WP Rear Shock Service

WP Rear Shock Service

Regular maintenance of your motorcycle suspension ensures that the suspension components are working at their optimum. Our workshop is fitted out with the very latest tools and equipment necessary to carry out fork and shock servicing to an extremely high standard. Also we measure the bike to set the static and rider sag.

KTM Crank Rebuild Service

KTM Crank Rebuild Service

Our facilities include the latest capability for crankshaft rebuilding services including crank pressing and balancing. Your crankshaft will be assembled using quality parts and then trued to the factory specifications. Our mechanics have all the latest tooling and equipment to keep you on track for the whole season.

KTM & Chinese Company Team Up

A huge European bike builder and a top quality Chinese bike builder have teamed up, with the aim of supplying half the world! In a surprise move KTM has linked a deal with China’s privately- owned CFMoto to begin production of KTM models in China … but only for sale on the Chinese market, insist KTM executives.

KTM Showroom Opening in Shanghai, China

“After many, many years looking for the right partner for KTM in China, we have a strong feeling we have finally found the right company” says KTM’s director of sales and marketing Hurbert Trunkenpolz. "Firstly, it’s run by a very serious entrepreneur, Mr Lai and we also felt after visiting the CFMoto factory that in terms of size and in their way of thinking, they’re the perfect match for KTM."

This marriage between Europe and China is a step welcomed at the top of CFMoto too. “We see a close connection between KTM and CFMoto in terms of how we market our products” says CFMoto’s president, Lai Guongui. We seek to make the customer feel he is welcomed into a family of owners when he purchases a CFMoto product, and I think this is the same for KTM.

KTM Showroom Opening in Shanghai, China
KTM Showroom Opening in Shanghai
KTM Showroom Duke 350
KTM FactoryKTM was founded in 1953 in Mattighofen, Austria. Since its inception, "KTM Mattighofen" has won many world championships including a streak of twelve consecutive wins in the world-famous Dakar Rally, which they defended in 2014. Recently, KTM has stepped into the street bike arena and is encountering success at every corner.

Since 1995, the Company in addition to its KTM-branded vehicles has also been developing and producing motorcycles under the HUSABERG brand in KTM Motorrad AG, which due to the acquisition of the license rights to the HUSQVARNA brand in 2013 are marketed as "Husqvarna Motorcycles" again.
This joint venture between Europe’s largest manufacturer and one of China’s smallest but most high quality companies should have begun in the first half of 2013, but was put on hold when a Chinese opportunist tried to ransom the KTM name, after hijacking it by registering King Tao Motorcycles (KTM) in China. Even though that firm never produced any bikes, its owner sought more than $1 million to hand over the rights to the name, which the KTM board declined to pay. Instead, it registered KTM R2R as manufacturer in China, a rather tortuous legal process which has now been completed, and it’s under this name that all KTM models will be sold there.
CFMoto Power Co.Ltd is a subsidiary of the Chunfeng Holding Group (CF) engineering conglomerate founded 1998.It only began manufacturing complete motorcycles in 2000, when it obtained the necessary government licence to do so, but since 1996 the company had built 125CC motors for sale to other companies and the following year developed the 1st complete liquid-cooled motorcycle engine made in China, again for supply to other brands. In 2006 CFMoto moved into its present purpose built 150,000 m² plant in Hangzhou, which has an annual production capacity of 800,000 liquid-cooled engines and 600,000 vehicles from its 1500 strong workforce – 260 of which are qualified engineers directly involved with R&D of new products-which have steadily ramped up production not only of bikes and scooters, but especially ATVs, in which CFMoto is a market leader.
With all its products, CFMoto emphasises quality rather than low cost, so while its bikes are well priced, they’re also well-made and durable. It strictly enforces a zero defect manufacturing policy, and has adopted innovative production methods to ensure every products is finished to the highest level of detail.  Australian " Farmers" are demanding customers, but it’s a mark of how good CFMoto’s reliability is that we’ve now overtaken Kawasaki.


What is Spot Connect?

Spot Satellite S.O.S Connection

The technology enables you to make contact from remote locations where there is no mobile phone signal. "Spot" use the Globalstar Satellite System and manufacture several products, three of which may be useful during your travels in Mongolia. The new generation "SPOT GEN3" "PERSONAL TRACKER" and the "SATELLITE GPS MESSENGER" allow you to connect with pre-set contacts to send a message and your GPS location.

  • S.O.S.: GEOS International Emergency Response
  • Check In: Let family and friends know you're ok
  • Custom Message: Stay in touch while off the grid
  • Help: Alert your personal contacts that you need help
  • Tracking: Allow friends and family to follow your progress online
  • Cancel: If you pressed S.O.S accidentally button

Do I really need a Spot connection?

The Spot Connection service is entirely optional. Anyway 'Motorcycle Mongolia' work closely with a Mongolian rescue company, which might respond faster and easier in case of an emergency. You must arrange regular travel insurance which covers you for rescue and repatriation, then you can travel with peace of mind.

ACF-50 Corrosion Protection

ACF-50, Anti-Corrosion Formula, is a state of the art, anti-corrosion/lubricant compound, that has been specifically designed for the Aero Space Industry. It can be described as an ultra thin fluid film compound which must be applied on an annual basis. ACF-50 actively penetrates through the corrosion deposits to the base of the cell where it emulsifies and encapsulates the electrolyte, lifting it away from the metal surface. ACF-50 then dispels this moisture and provides an atmospheric barrier which prevents any further moisture contact, thereby keeping the cell inactive. This compound continues to actively penetrate and "creep" into the tightest of seams, lap joints, micro cracks and around rivet heads, dissipating the moisture, even salt water, in these corrosion prone areas.


ACF-50 is a light carrier with a proprietary package of additives that transform it into an astonishing creeping-fluid AND an outstanding de-watering fluid too. It was specifically designed for the Aerospace industry. These properties mean that just the smallest amount will get into every crevice, every blemish of corrosion, and utterly remove the water. No water means no corrosion, period. And that’s just the start of it. ACF-50 stays in place for up to two years, actively spreading, sacrificing itself to keep corrosion at bay.

Being ‘Pro Active’ about corrosion control is the best way to protect your investment. Regular ACF-50 treatments reduce maintenance costs and improve overall flight safety. The application methods and specially designed equipment, deliver ACF-50’s penetrating fog to all critical aircraft structure. Only ACF-50’s advanced corrosion control properties, protect both airframe and avionics systems.


ACF-50 (Anti-Corrosion Formula) was originally designed to protect aircraft from existing and new corrosion and is now available to motorcyclists. When applied ACF-50 forms an 'Active' ultra-thin clear film that will kill any existing corrosion cells and will protect your bike against new corrosion forming. On areas such as switches or under the tank and seat, one application will last up to 12 months. It works perfectly in harsh environments, so it is certain to fully protect your motorbike!


Tips On How To Ride Off-Road Motorcycles

Our motorbike tours in Mongolia are not for beginners or inexperienced riders. The better you can ride, the more you will enjoy your Mongolia motorbike trip. Some skill and plenty of stamina are required to travel long daily distances, usually on very rough tracks. Obviously you can't learn to ride a motorcycle off-road by reading about it, but these two books give some useful tips and techniques which you can practice for real, preferably before you get to Mongolia for your off-road motorbike tour.


How To Ride

ISBN: 9780760342732

Off-road riding is one of motorcycling's most popular pursuits and also one of its best training grounds for improving street-riding skills. Off-road riding takes many forms, from motocross and enduro racing, to dual-sport day trips, to trail riding, to adventure tours. No matter the specific pursuit, all dirt riding (and much street riding) shares the same basic skill set.

How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles schools the reader in all the skills necessary to ride safely and quickly off-road. Chapters cover the basics, such as body position, turning, braking, and throttle control, then proceed to advanced techniques, such as sliding, jumps, wheelie's, hill-climbing, and more.

If you've ever wanted to try dirt riding or if you're an experienced rider looking to sharpen your skill set, How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles is a perfect riding coach.

Books available from Amazon, WHSmith, Waterstone's, eBay and others.

Motocross Skills

ISBN: 9781408147214

Amaze your friends (and annoy your enemies) with your expert knowledge of Motocross ! As the name suggests, motocross is motorcycle racing on off-road circuits. The design of the circuit makes it a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping sport that makes your heart race and thighs ache. The terrain typically includes natural features such as hills and cambers, along with man-made jumps, technical corners, fast straights and rhythm sections. Referred to as MX, the sport is the motorized big brother of BMX and the racing sibling of FMX (featuring acrobatic displays judged by a panel). Motocross evolved from trials riding in the first half of the 20th century, initially known as scrambling before evolving into the sport we know today.
Illustrated with a combination of high-impact images and step-by-step photos, this book is designed as a resource that readers will be able to return to again and again, as well as being useful for a single hit of knowledge. Exciting online video links are also provided to carefully demonstrate techniques, enabling readers to watch an expert and see how it's done.

Pro Motocross

ISBN: 9780760318027

Ride to win with the pros, as this updated, third edition of Pro Motocross & Off-Road Riding Techniques puts you in front of the pack. New action sequences of professional riders take you step-by-step through specific techniques, including double jumps, rutted corners, braking bumps, starts, and whoops.

Check out Gary Semics' riding techniques-with 10 years as a factory rider and over 20 more as a riding instructor, Semics knows motocross. His techniques and insight will improve even the most experienced rider's form.

Techniques for motocross, supercross, hare scrambles, enduro, and desert racing are all included, as well as how to tackle off-road obstacles, practice methods, a buyer's guide for gear, goggle prep, race strategy, and an extensive chapter on riding four-strokes. Whether you're an expert motocrosser or a beginning enduro racer, this new edition of of Pro Motocross & Off-Road Riding Techniques is the hot line to improving your skills.

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